Problem 1137
The Integer Problem
Time Limit: 1000ms
Memory Limit: 65536kb
The word "integer" comes from the Latin word "integer", literally means "untouched", hence "whole". It shares the same origin with word "entire" which means "everything".
The integers are such wonders and have become the fundation of mathematics and computer science. We cannot risk any security breaches in their fundamental principles. It is said that the set of all integers is denoted by a boldface Z, which stands for Zahlen, and Z is closed under the operation of addition, that is, the sum of any two integers is an integer. We'd like you to check it up.
Remember integers are rare and precious, you only get two of them, and lengths of both are slightly smaller than 100. Go and don't mess things up.
The input will consist of a series of pairs of integers a and b, separated by a space, one pair of integers per line.
For each pair of input integers a and b you should output the sum of a and b in one line, and with one line of output for each line in input.
Sample Input
1 2
3 4
Sample Output
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